A picture says a thousand words

Everyone knows the saying that a picture says a thousand words. But, i think that a picture is much more effective than one thousand, two thousand, one hundred thousand words. A single, perfectly timed image can change the world. The image of a polar bear clinging to a tiny floating piece of ice evokes a lot more emotion than any amount of statistics or professional analysis of the issue. It’s due to images like this, and numerous visualisation techniques that have ensured the issue of climate change is at the fore-front of everyone’s minds. And it’s not easy to do this. Who wants to be out-of-pocket in order to solve a problem that won’t even affect the majority of people, not at least for many many years? Yet somehow, the issue has gained a huge following.

When we are talking about climate change and global warming, you can’t overlook one of the most controversial documentaries fo all time, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Presented by Al Gore, an ex Vice President of the United States, the movie, through its seemingly endless visualisations of the increase of CO2 where Gore uses a scissor lift to illustrate on a large projector screen, problems such as rising sea levels and melting ice caps. Basically, these sort of visualisations are much much much more effective than any amount of words.

A polar bear desperately clings to a piece of floating ice

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