Visualisation and Information Graphics

This stuff is cool. At the core of visualisation is the need to condense a lot of information and make is accessible to people who would otherwise lose interest. I certainly know that given the option of analysing charts or data/reading a long drawn out spiel about a particular topic OR accessing the information through a visualisation, I would certainly choose the latter. During the whole lecture this week, all I could think about was a television show that was once on the ABC. The Hungry Beast. I don’t know why it isn’t on anymore, because it was awesome. Each week they aired a section called the “Hungry Beast File” which would explore some sort of topical event. They were amazing examples of visualisation. Here’s a few clips from YouTube, I’ll let the explain (because they certainly do a much better job than myself!)

If you just search “The Beast File” you’ll find heaps more examples. Trust me, they are definitely worth a look.

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