OK.. so I’m going to try and get across my opinion on piracy with a set of images i have found on the internet. You should be able to work out my views on online ‘piracy’ after these.

Dave Grohl (of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters) makes a few interesting points here. Why is downloading a song or movie different to lending someone a cd, dvd or taping a television show?

Lil Wayne - Douchebag of the century? Yeah, I think so


I think that Dave Grohl raises a very valid point here. Downloading a song or movie is essentially no different to recording it off the television or the radio, yet people who participate in the former are viewed as pirates. Not fair if you ask me. People who download information are for the most part moral citizens. They don’t do so to give an ‘up yours’ to society. It’s because they feel they have a right to hear the song, or watch the movie. We now live in a society based upon archives. Why can’t we archive data? Why should we be restricted solely to the program set by television or the radio. In short, we shouldn’t. I think that in the next few decades there won’t be television as we know it, rather it will shift to an even more digital form much like we see in things like ABC i View. Television will be on demand. Heck, music is already on demand, just go on Youtube. You know, i could just download a song, or i could listen to it on youtube everytime i had the urge to listen to it. However, downloading information is seen as ‘bad’ while accessing it whenever is ‘ok’. Can someone please explain to me the difference?

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